Discover Thailands Northern Secret Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai the North of Thailand     Just three hours towards Laos it’s a little town called Chiang Rai. Are you ready to explore the most beautiful temples from the North of Thailand and chat with a Monk about their culture or anything else you always wanted to know...

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Ultimate Guide to Ayutthaya

The magical town Ayutthaya    Almost two hours away from Bangkok, a little province in Thailand which was once capital in 1350 and the city served a major trading port until the 18th century. Surrounded by three rivers connecting the city to the sea the city was grew...

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Things to do in Bangkok

The ultimate guide for a short trip to Bangkok   When I first arrived to Bangkok in 2016 I couldn’t wait until I finally get to the Beach. It can be really overwhelming at the beginning but Bangkok has everything ! The longer i’ve stayed in Thailand the more locals...

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The ultimate Guide to Khao Sok

The ultimate guide to Khao Sok Khao Sok’s Park is a huge national Park in Thailand and surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife. Wild elephants, black tigers, gibbons are at home in Thailand’s best kept-secret places. Are you ready to be disconnected from the...

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Krabi Backpackers Paradise

Krabi last backpackers Paradise Krabi / Tonsai. The secret paradise, living the Hippie dream in the middle of the Jungle. Tonsai is a Community, a Climbers paradise and you’re get in touch with locals who treats you like a family member. When i’ve travelled through...

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Thailands Southern Secret Hatyai

The southern Secret Hat Yai   Should You Visit Hat Yai, Thailand? Hell, Yes!  I’m always surprised to see so few western faces when I’m there. Hat Yai is a transient city and most of the people pass Hat Yai if they’re going on a Visa run to Penang, Malaysia. The first...

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