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Hey, my name is Gina

Where can I start?! Why am I doing this? Mh.. so it all began when I’ve studied graphic design back in Germany, Hamburg .

I got the opportunity to join a photography workshop in Havanna,Cuba. This is where my passion for Photography has started and so the journey began.. It was a touristic Country but I wasn’t in tourist attractions at all. I’ve got introduced by all the locals and photographed them on a daily basis and got another point of view of this city. We’ve organised one of the biggest exhibitons in europe (Photokina) back home and I began to move on forward with similar projects. I’ve joined different streetphotography workshops in New York ,Italy,Asia and was always straight on my way on the streets as soon as i got out of the plane, exploring new faces and talked to random people to get to know their story. I’ve started a massive project and wrote a book together with eight refugees. It was a beautiful but very exhausting project. I needed a break from the western world and explore the world for a longer term. 

I wasn’t interested in a typical 9-5 lifestyle at all because I know that there is an opportunity to life your live to the fullest, create your life on your own terms and get to know the beauty of the world. 

When i’ve packed my back in 2016, I’ve planned a trip for 6 month. After 6 month has passed, i’ve decided of not going back and keep on moving. I’ve lived with locals in Thailand in the jungle in a little tent, I became a part of their family – showered with a bucket and got woken up my monkeys playing around my little bamboo hut. It was an amazing experience, i’ve learned the thai language and met people from around the world. This is when i’ve decided to create this blog, to show you the beauty of the world and hopefully change your mind during your travels to get to know the people and their culture, rather than doing the same you would have done at home. 

Exploring hidden places, amazing experiences and get to know the people, their culture, their language. I want you to feel like a local and feel home in each country you’re going to visit. Let’s travel together, join peoples stories and explore the world with me.


Lets start working together. Do you want to get featured with your company or do you want to represent yourself as a local or your country? I can do this via different social media streams. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss how we can work together.

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