The ultimate guide for a short trip to Bangkok


When I first arrived to Bangkok in 2016 I couldn’t wait until I finally get to the Beach. It can be really overwhelming at the beginning but Bangkok has everything ! The longer i’ve stayed in Thailand the more locals i’ve meet who introduced me to some pretty cool spots in Bangkok. Most of the flights for travellers arrive to Bangkok City – Let’s break down how you can explore Bangkok to less touristy spots and art,culture areas.

Bangkok city art and culture center


I’ve recently explored the Art and Culture Center at Siam Station in Bangkok City. The center is an amazing opportunities to meet new artists around Thailand and you can explore handmade crafts and street photography exhibitions as well as articles for arts, cans and markers. At the end of your walk you definitely have to check out the Coffee Art Gallery on the first floor. Hand filtered coffee ,vintage grinders and such a lovely interior designs with little souvenirs and books to explore whilst you’re zipping on your cold brewed Americano.

How to get there : 

Take the Skytrain to Siam Station (around 40 thb) The Siam station is pretty much the heart of Bangkok City and the Center is right next to the station surrounded by other Malls like the famous MBK Shopping Mall.

Chinatown street food 

Chinatown has amazing street food. It is still a very popular tourist attraction but even the locals like to visit, as it is a food heaven for new generation gourmands. The vibrant street-side cuisine wakes up after sunset, as in the day time hordes of shoppers like to explore the famous Charoenkrung Road. Chinatown is an experience and definitely worth a visit. Packed with market stalls, street-side restaurants and lots of gold shops. I’ve heard that if you’ll plan a visit during Chinese New Year, you will see one of Bangkok’s sights at its best. 

How to get there: Take the Skytrain to Siam station (around 40 thb) and switch to one of the buses: 4,24,40 (around 20 thb)

Rot fai tain market 

Thailand is well known for it’s huge markets and souvenir shops. Most of the markets sell pretty much the same thing. One year ago the Train market : Rot fai Market has opened. With over 200 stalls the market isn’t the biggest in Thailand but definitely the best one so far, very local  and you’ll see lot’s of young local students in the evening. 

( Get the fully guide here )

How to get there : Take the Skytrain to Udomsuk ( around 40 thb ). Unfortunately there aren’t any Busses at this time but you can get a Taxi for not more than 100 thb. I would highly recommend to get a Taxi with a Taximeter before you end up paying lot’s of money.

The market is open from thursday to sunday from 5pm-01am.


The historical city was once the capital of the Kingdom of Siam and was razed by the Burmese from 1350 until 1767.The ruins of the old city form the Ayutthaya Historical Park and it’s beautiful to drive around by bicycle and explore the town on your own. The park is on an island between 3 rivers and a must see when you’re exploring Thailand and its history. 

How to get there:  If you want to explore Ayutthaya on your own, you can take the train from Bangkok Railway at 06:40 to Ayutthaya for 15 thb. You will see lots of locals selling Thai food like Baked bananas or sweet sticky rice in banana leaves and your journey will be a real local adventure. Another option is to take a Minivan from the Mo Chit station from 08:30am till 10:30am, for 90 thb if you pay at the bus station counter. If you arrive in Ayutthaya you can easily rent a bicycle to explore the town on your own as the temple areas are very close to each other. 

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Where to stay in Bangkok 

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