Very grateful to met this guy. Very inspirational and I totally wish that everyone can meet a human being like him. A person who totally represents tranquility and such an impressive view of life. Ever had that feeling, that you wish that person should never stop talking again ? Here’s a little interview we did on our meet up whilst we’ve painted the wall in Phuket, Freedom Beach. Excited for the next meet up in his studio. 

Stay tuned.

 Just try to make same video skateboard when we skateboarding and we…

We saw all of this thing about graffiti in the skatepark

And we, we really like that, the style, graffiti…

In that time we not really have Facebook or internet yet like, in the 2000

Everyone just learn by ourselves, you know?

And, it’s kinda fun when we back to that time, just remind many thing about.…

Like, we have to steal the can from the shopping mall, like ah, try to make your own adaptor…

You know?

Before we not have a good can, we only have like a local can.

But now, everything more open and, and we found after that they call graffiti, but for me, honestly, just, we just love painting and the way we feel, we share, all personal to the people around who like art.

We try to talk something else too, not just about painting, we try to hide a message in our artwork sometimes.

Try to talk about community, try to talk about unity, try to talk about peace, try to talk about love.

And after that, we feel it’s more than graffiti, it’s more than street art or whatever.

We feel like it’s… it’s like a… a lifestyle, you know?  Like you feel, something that you feel keep going, and practice, and enjoy, but we… we (what you call!?) we stuck with the graffiti because I think they, they like an action.  You do art by action too, you know?

But err, street art in Thailand, you kinda all feel the scene here, we feel art, street art in Thailand, can sharing and speak(?) to people faster than anything, that we can make people feel art everywhere, like err, not go to museum yeah?  People still far from art in if you talk about Thailand, you know? 

We still cannot (?) people still cannot buy art, that’s one thing, it’s really like that you didn’t know about.  Still far you know.  Same age, how many Thai people buy art do you imagine?  That’s when I thinking about maybe… (?)

Art is a medicine, that’s why I cannot stop.

I feel if I stop painting, I now sick, and art just make… I feel healthy, you know, healthy to be human!

I feel you caring, you nice, make you grow.  Not just your experience, you make you feel gentle and polite to people.

Art make you find a way how to can create, with the people.  Sometimes they not understand what we talk about with graffiti.  Because, not just about painting is art, talking… everything is art!  

Life is art, you know?  And people always try to give you the work, you know, you artist, you tattoo artist – but I always tell them back, you also artist for me, because just carrying the life, you know every day you wake up, you thinking about what you have to do.  That’s a big art, you know?  Humans make art every day, just they don’t know what they do, you know, they don’t call it art.

So if they feel life is art, everything they do, they make nice, they try to create very nice life, because if you are, art is life, not just about painting.  Maybe one day people realise that, then they polite to people around.

People see art not just about painting, they see about how to treat each other.  This means art go inside, that’s what art try to make people got, they don’t try to talk about what we see, they try to make you realise every time.  So for me that’s art, makes me feel like that, relax…

But like one day, you leave, but you can leave something, leave the energy, leave the inspiration, you know? 

Leave the people behind but, not matter about people who know what you do or not, but it matters about you have to know about what you do with yourself, before you left.

So, little or big, not matter, but, you know, okay, you do… that’s fine, enough, enough!

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