I’m really into Art, when I first arrived to Tonsai in Krabi I saw this amazing Graffiti on the Wall. The chicken guy, Asin Acids the locals told me. When I’ve previously travelled around Thailand and met different people who owned a place or even somewhere between roads and houses, I’ve identified the Chicken every time since I first got in touch with him – I’ve asked him for a quick Interview and here we are: 

Hi my name is Asin, 

I was born in Uttaradit in the North of Thailand and moved to Bangkok when I was 16 years old.

Most of my work is made on the streets. You can find my Artwork on different places around Thailand which I would recommend that you visit if you’re into travelling more “underground” and want to see some street artists or want to experience being with local people. I started drawing as a child. Maybe it’s something that comes from my mother-she loves to draw. When I was in high school, I wasn’t happy at all. I’ve loved doing art, it gives me freedom. A friend told me to go to an art school because they’ve realised my enthusiasm for art. I’ve studied at the University of Visual Communication Design and I finally got to enjoy my art and could finally express myself.

Where does the chicken idea come from?

The origin of the chicken comes from my time in college when I’ve had a comic, where they compare that school is like a chicken farm. What schools teach you but at the end we all come out the same – but if the school was like a chicken farm all the chickens would be free to think. So I’ve started graffiti on the streets and tried out my first chicken on a wall and the more often I did it – the more this chicken character has developed itself. I am adding it in additional story ideas, things that I want to communicate into my work. Things I want to tell the world.

The condo I was living in was close to the Saen Saep Canal in Bangkok, I took my bike in the evening and started to explore free spaces for my next artworks. Most of the places you see my artwork on are places from friends, like bars or restaurants. Every night I went home, started sketching, took my bike in the evening and started more and more Artwork.

Bangkok is a busy City, sometimes I get tired of living here – my Artwork helped me to get my head in such a free space. I’m optimistic about its vision. This is because it is a city with two aspects of both good and bad so we have to look in the corners. This may coincide with my philosophy in life in that I understand that life always has two sides.

At the end of the day I’ve created a ‘Portfolio for a Lifetime’. I do think a lot about death, life is very short, don’t you think so? I would like to create a portfolio that is an inspiration for other people. I just do not want to die and I do not want to just leave here without getting recognition.



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