Local experience in Havana


Cuba is a photographers Dream. I came to Havana in 2013, for a Photography Journey supported by Ricoh Camera. We’ve had some amazing insights into Havanas Local Culture and Daily lives. In this blogpost you’ll see some of the projects and an E-book we’ve created after our Exhibition. Enjoy the Journey.

My professor invited us to his mother in law’s which introduced us to her whole friends and families. We were to choose which one we want to follow during their workday to photograph their daily life in Havana.  I’ve chosen “Elba” ( her name ) to stay in her Home and meet neighbours to photograph them on a daily basis- an amazing experience. I could communicate in a mix of Italian and Spanish and got to know the whole neighbourhood. The house was an old school, which was likely to crash so we weren’t possible to sit on the entrance. 16 families in a house, little rooms, but full of happiness. During the week, I stayed with 3 different families in the house.

What an amazing experience it was ! It wasn’t possible to just walk into a local house as a foreigner in 2013. As soon as I came into their house she offered me to braid my hair and join them for launch. I’ve helped with the laundry and photographed their daily life, and walked out with cornrows on my head, which was a pretty painful experience by the way.

Havana Portraits inspired on the streets

Wonderful people on Havanas streets, super interesting faces with very interesting expressions.

I was walking with my friend through the streets of Havana as we walked deeper into the local areas to explore the “real” local lifestyle of the cubans. Salsa music came out of every home and people where sitting outside or dancing on the streets.I really enjoyed watching the locals and started asking some people on the streets to take a portrait.


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