The ultimate guide to Khao Sok

Khao Sok’s Park is a huge national Park in Thailand and surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife. Wild elephants, black tigers, gibbons are at home in Thailand’s best kept-secret places. Are you ready to be disconnected from the world? No wifi, No social media and a few hour of electricity? Are you ready to sleep with an incredible jungle noise you’ve never dreamed of?

Lets dive into it:

  • 3-Day Lake Tour 
  • 6 Things to do in Khao Sok
  • How to get to Khao Sok
  • Stay on the Lake / Stay in the Jungle

3-Day Lake Tour through Khao Sok

Did you know that the Lake was just made 30 years ago by Thailand’s King Bumibol? The national park is about 739 square kilometres. From the Village in Khao Sok it will take you about 45 minutes drive to get to Cheow Lan Lake – so make sure to book a raft on the lake. Khao Sok was quite expensive, but it is worth every single dollar – I’ll tell you why: As we arrived pretty late at Khao Sok we spent a night in the village, in a beautiful Bamboo Hut before we took a Taxi to Cheow Lan Lake ( As well known as Ratchaprapa Dam ).  If you’re looking for a ‘Package Tour’ you can book everything through and you’ll be better off than exploring the Park and Bungalows on your own, as it will cost you a good amount of money.

6 Things to do in Khao Sok 

1.Kayak Tour 

Almost every Bungalow offers free Kayaks, getting up in the morning enjoying the jungle noise and gibbons shouting at each other while floating on the river is an amazing jungle meditation experience.

2.Stay in the Jungle

As i’ve mentioned in my other post that we’ve booked a Ticket and a Jungle tour in our Bungalow Camp we’ve stayed in. Khao Sok National Park is famous in two areas, the riverside ( Ratchaprapa ) and Cheow Lan Lake. These areas are about 1 hour removed from each other. 

3.Stay on the Lake

Waking up in the middle of the Jungle on a floating raft house is a unique and incredible experience you don’t want to miss. Wake up with an incredible meditative jungle noise and the sun coming out between limestone rocks and jungle trees is an unforgettable experience.

4.Boat Tour

Ready to have a great boat tour on a man-made lake? Spot some real wildlife like elephants? Go on a day tour to explore Cheow Lan Lake. Have dinner at a small local floating village and learn how the people live on the lake.

5.Night Safari

Wildlife safari – you can book your Night Safari on at the Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary which is located near the water’s edge in the more remote areas of the lake. It’s a spot for wildlife and go on hikes accompanied by wildlife rangers.


6.Cooking class in the jungle 

Take a Thai cooking class with a local family and learn how to make the most famous thai dishes. After the class – it’s time to taste what you’ve made – Good appetite ! 😉 


Where to stay ON the Lake 

The price of a bungalow changes by the kind of comfort you decide to have. A Bamboo bungalow will cost you anywhere between $60 – $170 per night where luxury bungalows range from $250 – $400 per person.  These stays include breakfast, lunch and dinner, guided tours and trekkings. All Bungalows on the Lake offer free Kayak, if you want to hang out by yourself for a while.


Where to stay IN the Jungle

 After two amazing days on the Lake we’ve decided to switch to another location. We took a Taxi from the Pier to Chiew Lan Camp, a beautiful Bungalow on the Lake for around 1400 THB per night. You can book a Jungle trek at the Reception for one day where you get the real jungle experience, trekking through the jungle and exploring amazing plants and wildlife. They will stop in the middle of the jungle for a bamboo coffee picknick. Amazing to see how they heat up the water in bamboo, making a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate before moving on with your track and floating on a self made bamboo boat back to your hotel.


Khao Sok secret Hostel on the Lake

500 Rai Floating Resort

Jungle Camp Eco Resort

Khaosok Homestay Resort

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