Krabi last backpackers Paradise

Krabi / Tonsai. The secret paradise, living the Hippie dream in the middle of the Jungle.

Tonsai is a Community, a Climbers paradise and you’re get in touch with locals who treats you like a family member. When i’ve travelled through Thailand I felt like, staying in a place for a couple of days. So i’ve checked online for some volunteer opportunities. “Looking for an Artist to paint our Bungalow in the jungle” When I’ve read the description they’ve said : “This place is not for princesses”. We are the backpackers last paradise. Electricity from 6pm to 6am, cold water – jungle feeling.” Sounds exciting doesn’t it? 

When I arrived to the Island it was absolutely mind-blowing and magical.

I walked on the beach and turned towards a stony road into the jungle. A paradise. Tonsai is chalk full of open air Rasta bars, with faint traces of Mary Jane touching the nostrils and a steady stream of reggae pumping through speakers. Basically, it’s a hippie’s paradise. It is not only a that- it is also a rock climber’s heaven. Climber from all around the world travel to Tonsai to climb up the advanced rocks. Before you know it, a day has turned into a week, and a week into a month, and you will start to wonder where the time has gone. I planned my stay for a week and ended up leaving tonsai after a year.

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How to Get to Tonsai Beach?

If you are arriving from the Krabi bus station, the easiest way to reach Tonsai is to get a tuk-tuk or taxi to Ao Nang Pier. Alternatively, if you’re coming from the airport, there is a 45-minute shuttle ride for about 150 Baht. From Ao Nang Pier, you can charter a Longtail boat or wait for it to fill up. Once the boat has around 8-10 people, you’re ready to go. Ticket prices are costs 100 Thai Baht a person when you leave before 6pm, after that you either have to wait for people to fill the boat or you might have to pay a little more as they charge 800 Thai bhat for the Boat.. The cheapest time to travel to Thailand is after the Thai new years at the end of April. This is the start of Low Season ( Rain Season ). You will get the cheapest Tickets all over Thailand but you may not always a Boat – it just depends on waves and the amount of people. If you want to go back during the low season and the island isn’t filled with backpackers – make sure you take a boat back and forward before 12am and you will be safe. 

INFO : if they drop you off at Railey Beach there is no normal way to get to Tonsai Beach if its the case that the Boatmen drop you off at Railey Beach, make sure that you know you have to Cross the Jungle. There are two Jungle paths, the easiest way is the way on the Beach.

Ask a local – he will explain you the easiest way after he checked out the Tide for you.


What to do in Tonsai?

1.Jungle walk through the beaches

 During good conditions (low tide), you can either take a 30 minute walk towards Phra Nang Shirne or Phra Nang Beach. You can also kayak towards this place if you want to. What’s there to see? Interesting enough..a lot of penises. I kid you not. This place is actually frequented by Thai women in order to increase their fertility which is why you can see a shrine with lots of wooden penises. Wooden penises aside, you can also visit a lagoon located down a path on the way to Phra Nang Beach. This place is worth visiting when it’s high tide as you have a perfectly good dipping pool to cool off. By the very end of Phra Nang Beach is a cave where you will find four bamboo ladders. As soon as you climb this, you will be rewarded with a stunning viewpoint overlooking Railey and Tonsai.


2.Go Diving in Ton Sai Beach : Explore the Underwater World

For those that are keen to explore the marine life around Ton Sai Beach, there are a few dive operators in Railey Beach, located just 10 minutes away. Here, you will be able to see a vibrant marine life with lots of colorful coral and fish.

3.Rent a Kayak

On a good day, rent a kayak and paddle out to the many points of interest surrounding Ton Sai Beach. You can kayak to Railay Beach, Podah Island, or even to Phanang Cave. Enjoy the sunshine and the serenity of going at your own pace as you explore the open sea.

4.Rock climbing advanced

Similar to Railey Beach, the climbing in Ton Sai is world renowned. Climbers say that Tonsai is more for advanced climbers and it is the climbers heaven. Most of the climbers have they accommodation in Tonsai because it is cheaper than on Railery beach. There are various schools and companies where you can do a day climb with for around 800-1000 Baht. If you are really serious about your climbing, they also have 5 day assault courses which you can take part of. For those that are more experienced, you can simply rent gear from the shops and they will give you all the equipment that you need, along with a map on which rocks to climb. Never try, never know. ( you will hear that very often )

 Where to stay in Tonsai?

Tonsai is basically just one road in the jungle. You can find several Bungalow Resorts in the Jungle or the one Bungalow down on the Beach for a more luxury. 

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Tipp: Make sure that most of the places work with a generator so the electric will be off mostly between 2pm-6pm But anyways – why would you sit in your bungalow ?

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