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Should You Visit Hat Yai, Thailand? Hell, Yes!  I’m always surprised to see so few western faces when I’m there. Hat Yai is a transient city and most of the people pass Hat Yai if they’re going on a Visa run to Penang, Malaysia. The first time i’ve went to Hat yai, was to meet an amazing Artist to finish a project with him. I was kind of lucky to got to know all those amazing artists and places that it’s my pleasure to share it with you.Delicious local food, amazing Artists and Happy people and perfect for a stop if you’re heading to Malaysia. It’s definitely worth exploring for a few days or a long weekend and I tell you why :

Let’s dive into it :

  • Things to do in Hat Yai 
  • Creative Night out in Hat Yai 
  • Special place to stay
  • How to do a Visa run


What to do in Hat Yai

1.Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol

This is one of the attractions you should not miss when you’re in Hat Yai. Such a peaceful place and great invoirment. It’s well known as Stainless Steel Temple. The whole structure is made of steel. There are 7 round circle staircases to climb up. Each circle has got one buddha on it’s level which stands for everyday Buddha ( Monday- Sunday ). Traditionally it is believed that Buddha spent 7 days following his enlightenment – each circle stands for one of them.

Location : Punnakan Road | Ko Hong subdistrict, Hat Yai, Thailand

2.Songkhla Oldtown

Songkhla Old Town is a historic section of the Town with lot’s of Chinese Areas, small restaurants, cafes, shops and lot’s of street art. Pretty worth seeing it and eat some famous Thai noodle soups in one of the Restaurants,

Location : Nakorn Nai Road, Songkhla 90000, Thailand

3.Jam session Bar & Cafe

The Jam session is just once a year, but anyways – This Bar invoirment is totally amazing and it has Live musicians and such a beautiful invoirment. You might be the only local there – but they will welcome you as you’re local too. 

Location : Check out their Facebook here

4.11/7 Reggae Bar 

Last but not least, one of the most amazing place i’ve spent my time in. The owner of this Bar are quite famous musicians from Thailand and totally into the reggae culture. Did you know that Thailand has a reggae culture, too? See more details on my diary to get some more insights.

 Location : Check out their Facebook here


Where to stay in Hat Yai

Banhomdin Hat Yai

Bahnhomdin is truly a beautiful place to stay if you want to relax for a couple of days. This place is famous for their traditntal rice pot and their caramelised ground. The owner became a friend of mine and I’ve lived in one of the stone bungalows for a week and worked, write and relaxed. It was such a dose of inspiration i’ve got out of this place.It was peaceful and such a beautiful place to stay. The bungalows are made out of clay and handmade artwork around. It is air-conditioned and because of the clay material it never gets hot inside. My favourite part at this bungalow was this amazing outside shower, I truly woke up in the morning and went straight to the bathroom. Truly worth going !


Special Food at Banhomdin

The special restaurant at Banhomdin has one of the best southern Thailands food dishes. The southern kitchen is very famous in Thailand, but attention : 

It can get SUPER spicy ! 

Southern Thai food tends to be much hotter than Thai food from other regions of Thailand and being heavily influenced by flavours and spices used in Indonesia and Malaysia, it is known for its sharp and intense taste. If you’re fish lover, you know that there are only few things in life that taste better than absolutely fresh fish, deep-fried to perfection with a crispy skin that brakes open to reveal the irresistible, steamy, firm white flesh. Thai fried fish recipe originated from fishing communities of the south of Thailand, were fishes are being cooked as it arrive almost directly from the fishing boats.

How to get to Banhomdin?

Banhomdin Bungalow is located in Hat Yai, 15 km from CentralFestival Hatyai Department Store, and offers free WiFi throughout the property. 

I got you a $15 discount at if you book via this link, you’re welcome!


Banhomdin Resort Hat yai

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