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Ultimate Guide to Ayutthaya

The magical town Ayutthaya    Almost two hours away from Bangkok, a little province in Thailand which was once capital in 1350 and the city served a major trading port until the 18th century. Surrounded by three rivers connecting the city to the sea the city was grew...

Things to do in Bangkok

The ultimate guide for a short trip to Bangkok   When I first arrived to Bangkok in 2016 I couldn’t wait until I finally get to the Beach. It can be really overwhelming at the beginning but Bangkok has everything ! The longer i’ve stayed in Thailand the more locals...

Amann Inksparation

Very grateful to met this guy. Very inspirational and I totally wish that everyone can meet a human being like him. A person who totally represents tranquility and such an impressive view of life. Ever had that feeling, that you wish that person should never stop...

Thai artist Asin Acids

I’m really into Art, when I first arrived to Tonsai in Krabi I saw this amazing Graffiti on the Wall. The chicken guy, Asin Acids the locals told me. When I’ve previously travelled around Thailand and met different people who owned a place or even somewhere between...

Havana local Photography

Local experience in Havana   Cuba is a photographers Dream. I came to Havana in 2013, for a Photography Journey supported by Ricoh Camera. We've had some amazing insights into Havanas Local Culture and Daily lives. In this blogpost you'll see some of the projects and...

The Best Night markets in Phuket to go

The best night markets in Phuket   Phuket and Bangkok are famous for markets – Some people try to hide Phuket as it’s quiet touristy and most of the markets do sell the same items. If you’re going to Visit Phuket, I’d like to break down my favourite three markets...

Who Is Rebel Vibes

My name is Gina and I’ve left home 3 years ago and travelled ever since. I am here to show you the most beautiful and hidden places, dive into cultures and local lifes and help you travelling like a local and find out about the locals in videos and stories about their culture and beliefs.  Travelling to secret spots and get to know the people you’re going to visit. Enjoy interviews and take lot’s of information out of each country which makes you feel you never want to leave.

 Enjoy and happy travels.  

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